"Arta" all breed show

2nd in junior class good size, good breed type, good bone, good head&expression, beautiful dark eyes, correct short tail, good forearms, moves well Ludmila Mun (Russia)



all breed show

excellent good breed type, good head, good neck, good reach of neck& front angulation, good bone, good hind angulation, sufficient spring of rib, excellent coat, would like more powerful movement Tatyana Dreyer (Russia)
31.05.2009 Club Show excellent well balanced bitch, feminine head with kind expression, dark eyes, good reach of neck, level topline, deep chest, good turn of stifle, tight feet, moves well Susanna Wiles (GB)


all breed show

excellent beautiful head&good expression, beautiful body for the age but a bit overweight, good angulation in front and rear, a bit short on the leg, excellent tail, moves well Kari Granaas Hansen (Norway)


International show "Rossia"

very good not big, would like more bone, very good breed type, good head of sufficiently correct lines, correct reach and length of neck, good shoulder, a bit sloping croup, tail set a bit high, would like more drive when moving, very good temperament Julia Schuko (Russia)


"Derzhava" all-breed show

excellent good breed type, not big, moderately long in body, enough bone and volume, would like stronger muzzle, excellent reach of neck and firm topline, deep chest of sufficient volume, correct angulation in front and rear, on the move could have better topline Evgeniy Erusalimskiy (Russia)


"Derzhava" specialty show

excellent small bitch, too smal but full of quality, very well balanced, good topline, good angulation in front and rear, good coat Barbara Krumpak (Slovenija)


"Bomond" specialty show

very good bitch of late maturity, very feminine, very nice outline, moves freely, will improve in quality with age

Sue Marskell (GB)



all breed show

very good small, could have more bone but is very correct in structure, very well balanced, good breed type, head in proportion with body, good volume of muzzle, neck of good length, excellent volume of chest, a bit short on the leg, front a litle low when moving, good drive in behind Lyudmila Smirnova (Russia)


"RFOS Spring Cup"

all breed show

excellent too small, would like more bone and substance, wonderful coat&tail Desmond Murphy (USA)


specialty show

excellent medium size bitch, nice head&expression, nice front, nice feet, good shoulders, good spring of rib&topline, vet good tail&hinquarters, in nice coat, moves ok Moray Armstrong (GB)